• Our Products

    How do I purchase your products?

    • Pick and choose your product in the quantity you want, add to cart
    • Check your order details, proceed to checkout
    • Fill in your shipping & billing information
    • Choose your preferred payment method
    • Check on your payment transaction status
    • Wait for confirmation email


    Who are our partnered stockists? 

    • Kissa X Coffee, Taman Tun Dr Ismail


    Can I place an order over the phone?
    No, purchases can only be made via our website.

    How do I track my order?
    You may track your order once the order has been placed.

    Can I reserve a product?
    Products are only purchasable through a first come first serve basis.

    Can I order in bulk?
    Yes, you may email or contact us directly for more information.

    Do you take in special orders?

  • Our Delivery

    How do you deliver your products?
    The preparation of products is done at a warehouse and sent over to our reliable third-party logistics company for delivery. Products will then be delivered accordingly.

    Can you deliver to multiple addresses?
    All purchases are only made to one address.

    Do you ship overseas?
    Yes. Charges may vary in different countries.

    What are the charges applied when I place my order?
    Delivery and shipping charges will be applied to your order(s).

  • Our Order Amendments

    Can I exchange or return a product?
    Yes. You may refer to the terms and condition and return policy.

    How do I cancel or change my product?
    Cancellation can be made before the scheduled delivery time. You may also check on the delivery status with assigned third party logistic company for cancelation.

    What if my product goes missing or damaged upon arrival?
    Please refer to the terms and conditions and return policy.

  • Website

    Is my online credit card information secured?
    Yes. Customer protection is strictly emphasized. Our payment system is also supported by a trustworthy party. You may refer to our privacy policy for more information.